riverside children's dentistry

Dr. Dan is a specially trained Pediatric Dentist who is enthusiastic about helping children grow into and build their happy and healthy smile.

riverside children's dentistry

View a list of all our kid’s dental services from your child’s first visit to emergency care and much more.

riverside children's dentistry

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riverside children's dentistry

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We offer state-of-the-art equipment to ensure child safety while meeting their comfort needs. The dentist shouldn’t be scary!


Comfortable, Safe, Carefree —that’s how we want kids to feel when they visit us! Excellent Pediatric Dental Care is provided in our fun and cheerful office atmosphere that’s created by specially chosen kid-loving professionals. With a library of entertaining movies, fun decor and iPad games, we have built a fun dental atmosphere for infants, children, teens, and persons with special needs. It’s important that your child have a positive dental experience starting from an early age. While focusing on brushing, flossing, cleaning and checking, we equip your child with good oral hygiene skills to last a lifetime.

“Our 3-C’s C-aring Promises to You”


As parents, we understand the importance of your child’s comfort and being thoroughly efficient. And we are passionate about increasing their comfort and being thorough while minimizing their waiting time.


Our state of the art children’s dental practice is built to keep your child’s appointments private in our individual dental suites. We value the privacy that parents want when discussing their child’s medical and dental health.


Our advanced technology helps make kids check-ups easier while minimizing our footprint.

This is done through:

  • Electronic Charting: Maximizing safety, efficiency and minimizing paper use and waste.
  • Digital X-rays: Significantly reduced radiation for your child and eliminates the need for harmful processing chemicals.
  • Water Preserving Vacuum System: Significantly minimizes water consumption and waste.
  • LED Lighting and Energy Efficient Appliances: Minimizes our energy usage footprint.

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